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Since 1975 Midwest Industrial Lighting has been known as one of the leaders in lighting supplies in the Chicago land. With wide range of products, and cost efficient solutions we have been the first choice for many of our clients.

We provide a full range of electrical supplies. This includes all types and brands of lamps, ballasts, long life lighting, batteries, exit signs, lens covers, fuses, and much more.

We will also provide a sales representative to help your building “GO GREEN” by providing energy audits for your building, retro-fit kits, and COMED rebates. Our sale representatives can also help you decide what fixtures are appropriate for your specific needs.

Our products are being used everywhere – in office buildings, schools, colleges, art galleries, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, shopping malls, trade shows, factories and warehouses. Residentially, our lighting is in apartments and single family homes.

Please contact us!  We would love an opportunity to help you with all your lighting/electrical needs.

Thank you for your visit.

-Midwest Industrial Lighting Team