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IceLand Ice Arena

Retro Fit- Metal Halide to High Bay

IceLand Ice Arena had 27 (quantity), 400 watt Metal Halides hanging in their Rink.  The lighting was very dim and players complained of  dark spots on the ice. We decided to change out all 27, 400 watt Metal Halides and put up 6 Lamp T8 high bay fixtures.

27- 400watt (458watts) Metal Halides  = 12,366 watts

27- 6 lamp T8 high bay fixture (218 watts) = 5,886 watts

We saved them 6,480 watts and achieved a brighter and more even distribution of light on the ice.

Comed is offering rebates right now(Comed money may not be available so please call and we will tell you what is available for 2012).   We were able to get them $1,944.00 to put towards their project. Comed paid them their check of $1,944.00 within two weeks of the completion of the project.

Please call Midwest Industrial Lighting if you are interested in retro fit/ Comed options.  773-650-1700

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